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Nagle poczuli się wolni. Z Piotrem Bojarskim rozmawia Jerzy Borowczyk

Piotr Bojarski, Jerzy Borowczyk



An interview with Piotr Bojarski, author of historical non-fiction and novels about Poznań 1956 protests, focusing on a few topics. The attitudes and fortunes of doctors, paramedics, security officers, heroic protesters of the Black Thursday, lawyers who defended the protesters – all this allows us to look at a single day in Polish history through a few prisms. Additionally, the interview contains remarks on the benefits of a reporter’s look at history, and the attempts at novelistic emplotment of the events of 1956.

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Poznań doctors and paramedics during the 1956 protests; Security Office/Security Service in Polish People’s Republic; lives of the heroes of Poznań 1956 protests; Poznań lawyers and the 1956 protests; rememberance of Poznań 1956 protests

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