Call For Papers: Climate Change And Postgrowth – 30.09.2022

Ruch Prawniczy, Ekonomiczny i Socjologiczny [Poznań Journal of Law, Economics and Sociology] is open for submissions to its forthcoming English issue, which will be published in 2023. The special issue will concentrate on climate change and postgrowth.

We invite submissions which will analyse the legal, economic or social effects of climate change, as well as possible responses to it, and will contribute to the field of postgrowth studies from one of these perspectives. Apart from examining the notion of postgrowth, or discussing its different conceptions, the submissions may for example concentrate on one of the following topics:

1) for  legal  studies:  climate change and human rights, international environmental protection (including the rules on renewable energy and emissions trading), legal perspectives on climate neutrality and sustainable growth, legal regulations pertaining to alternative social and economic models (e.g. universal basic income);

2) for  economics:  the limits of growth, the change of the economic model, ecological economy, the balance between economic growth and prosperity, economic and social development indicators other than GDP, sustainable consumption – costs and benefits, the costs and benefits of renewable energy production,

the costs of climate change, climate migrations, the importance of local economy in the age of globalization;

3) for  sociology:  changes in the sphere of values, new lifestyles, new types of social mobilization and social involvement, alternative models of collective order, social well-being, quality of life and its indicators, the social reception of political and economic projects in response to the climate crisis and unsustainable growth.

The list is in no way exhaustive: we welcome any submissions which are directly concerned with climate change and/or postgrowth. We also encourage interdisciplinary approaches. The subject of the text should be of interest to an international reader.

The deadline for submissions is  30  September  2022. All information on paper requirements and the submission and review procedures can be found here. We strongly encourage non-native English speakers to arrange for the text to be proofread before it is submitted to the journal.