Co-construction de sens en situation de conception d ’un outil didactique

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Christian Brassac
Nicolas Grégori


In the article, the author defends a thesis on the necessity of application in psychology and other cognitive sciences of a methodology based on the interactive theory. Therefore, it is postulated that analysis from the perspective of a monologue be replaced by the analysis from the interactive perspective. The article consists of two parts. In the first part a model of mutual understanding is presented, which was devised at the Psychological Laboratory of the Nancy University 2, and in the other, a proposal of application of this model for the developing of didactic aids of a multimedial character is discussed.


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Brassac, C., & Grégori, N. (2007). Co-construction de sens en situation de conception d ’un outil didactique. Studia Romanica Posnaniensia, 25(nul), 55-66.


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