Wasylisa Prekrasnaja i inni w rosyjskiej ludowej bajce magicznej

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Małgorzata Wiatr-Kmieciak
Halina Wiatr


The aim of this paper is to emphasize the importance of Russian folkliterature in the form of a fairytale and to show potential difficulties in translation. Folk literature cannot be seen only as a certain form of ordinary people’s artistic voice since it has been developing in parallel with the mainstream literature in Russia. Russian folk fairytale has a specific structure and form which does not exist in any other culture. Like in many other languages and cultures, there are certain names, descriptive adjectivesand other forms that are very challenging for translators. In this paper many examples are provided to support this hypothesis. It is almost impossible to translate certain Russian fairytales without “over-“ or “under-interpreting” the content, and the subject matter itself needs to be thoroughly elaborated.


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