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The article tells about the historiography of a famous Polish school - Collegium Lubranscianum (English Lubrański Academy), which originated in 1519 and existed until 1780. The whole text was divided into few groups, showing the position of Lubranscianum in the interpretations of historians and the lack of research allowing recognition of some aspects of Lubranscianum history, such as the educational process of young people in the school, including the methods and handbooks, or, in general, the history of the school in the seventieth and eighteenth century. It is stressed that only few works bring new knowledge into our problem and most of the historiography is based on previously published works.

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stan badań historia Akademia Lubrańskiego

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Nowicki, M. (2008). Stan badań nad dziejami Akademii Lubrańskiego. Biuletyn Historii Wychowania, (24), 107-120.