Close Copy Speech Synthesis for Speech Perception Testing

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Bachan, J., & Gibbon, D. (2006). Close Copy Speech Synthesis for Speech Perception Testing. Investigationes Linguisticae, 13, 9–24.


The present study is concerned with developing a speech synthesis subcomponent for perception testing in the context of evaluating cochlear implants in children. We provide a detailed requirements analysis, and develop a strategy for maximally high quality speech synthesis using Close Copy Speech synthesis techniques with a diphone based speech synthesiser, MBROLA. The close copy concept used in this work defines close copy as a function from a pair of speech signal recording and a phonemic annotation aligned with the recording into the pronunciation specification interface of the speech synthesiser. The design procedure has three phases: Manual Close Copy Speech (MCCS) synthesis as a ?best case gold standard?, in which the function is implemented manually as a preliminary step; Automatic Close Copy Speech (ACCS) synthesis, in which the steps taken in manual transformation are emulated by software; finally, Parametric Close Copy Speech (PCCS) synthesis, in which prosodic parameters are modifiable while retaining the diphones. This contribution reports on the MCCS and ACCS synthesis phases.


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