Analiza pojęć „logika” i „logiczny” w encyklikach Jana Pawła II

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Lapis, W. (2011). Analiza pojęć „logika” i „logiczny” w encyklikach Jana Pawła II. Investigationes Linguisticae, 23, 61–81.


In this paper I examine the perception of the concepts of ‘logic’ and ‘logical’ by John Paul II, The source material includes his 14 encyclicals (though both words occur only in eight of them a total of 38 times). As it turns out, the Pope sees logic as a science, a human system, or activity (human or divine). He uses the term ‘logical’ to refer to the ‘logical conclusion’ and ‘logical thinking’.


Słownik języka polskiego, t. 2: L-P, PWN, Warszawa 1988, s. 49 – 5 0 – definicje opisywanych tu pojęć. – ogólny opis encyklik Jana Pawła II.