Dyskusja nad modelem wykładni prounijnej w polskiej nauce prawa

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Wojciech Rowiński


The aim of this paper is to present the discussion on normative models of the pro-EU interpretation of national law in Polish jurisprudence. The European Court of Justice drew only general assumptions concerning the pro-EU interpretation, and left the Member States free to choose the methods of its implementation. The author analyses the proposals of the models described in the science of European law as well as in the theory of law, and on that basis comes to the conclusion that a universal and consistent model that would ensure full realisation of the EU law objectives regarding the pro-EU interpretation has not yet been developed.


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Rowiński, W. (2018). Dyskusja nad modelem wykładni prounijnej w polskiej nauce prawa. Przegląd Prawniczy Uniwersytetu Im. Adama Mickiewicza, 1, 9-22. https://doi.org/10.14746/ppuam.2012.1.01