Literatura i nihilizm

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Michał Januszkiewicz


This article Literature and Nihilsm is an attempt at capturing nihilism as a category of the study of literature. Considerations concerning three questions: 1) analysis of historical disputes (e.g. between Plato and Aristotle) on nihilism of literature (what is meant basically is the relation of literature to truth understood correspondingly); 2. interpretation (among other things, emphasis of Vattim's motif concerning the relationship between hermeneutics and nihilism) and 3) nihilistic motifs in literature (the author is focused on interpretations of nihilism in literature) in Turgenev's oeuvre, and especially in that of Dostoyevsky. It can be seen from the latter considerations that for understanding nihilism, Dostoyevsky plays an original and not a smaller role than Friedrich Nietzsche, who is traditionally considered as the chief theorist of nihilism.


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