„Hojność śladu". O Śniegu Leśmiana

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Andrzej Zawadzki


The article is an analysis of Bolesław Lesmian's Śnieg (Snow), the character of which is that of a poetic meditation on the subject of impossibility of return to childhood and of recreating the past. Special emphasis is put on the problem of trace, functioning as a sign to the past and leading to a traumatic event in which the subject of participated Snieg (Snow)-contact with a thing unidentified precisely participated, which is hiding inside a mysterious home. The subject of the poem is not capable of presenting fu lly this event nor rationalise it, it becomes absent in the order of his memory, given only by a mysterious trace, which both joins the hero with his old " I" as well as makes it possible to reconcile the past with the present and construct a stable identity of the subject.


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