Pamięć o Zagładzie w perspektywie historyka teatru

Słowa kluczowe

polski teatr Zagłady
eksterminacja Żydów
historia powojennego teatru


In his Polski teatr Zagłady [The Polish Theater of the Holocaust], Grzegorz Niziołek, who starts with theater and specific theatrical performances and who focuses on artistic phenomena, presents problems that go far beyond art. This is a book that should be read by historians, literary scholars, political scientists and cultural experts. Sociologists and psychologists who study social behavior will also find some of its sections interesting. This Cracow theatrologist presents the extermination of Jews during the occupation of Poland as well as Polish-Jewish relations, i.e. one of the most difficult Polish problems, permeated with silence and resentment, in the form of a monograph and in relation to the history of post-war theater, of which it is an important part.