Profesor Kazimierz Bartoszyński (1921–2015)

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Kazimierz Bartoszyński

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Kosowska, E. (2015). Profesor Kazimierz Bartoszyński (1921–2015). Przestrzenie Teorii, (23), 311–315.


Prof. Kazimierz Bartoszyński was one of the most respected theoreticians of literature in Poland. He worked closely with the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The period of Professor Bartoszyński’s greatest activity as a researcher coincided with the time when he was fascinated with structuralism, but his interests went far beyond these methodological issues. The author of this memoir, who was the Professor’s doctoral student, portrays him through the prism of their conversations on scholarly topics and her private relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Bartoszyński, which lasted for many years.