Change of Rhythm as a Compositional Technique
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Greek metrics
song structure
Greek tragedy
lyric metres

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Stępień, P. (2017). Change of Rhythm as a Compositional Technique. Symbolae Philologorum Posnaniensium Graecae Et Latinae, 27(3), 13–27.


The paper demonstrates rules and some of the basic applications of metarhythmia that is one of the compositional techniques used by Greek tragedians. The presentation of the examples is proceeded by discussion on the phenomenon of the so-called verbal rhythm, and distinction between metrical pattern and its syllabic realization. In the context of metarhythmia, verbal rhythm produces rhythmic ambiguity that reveals itself in specific syllabic realizations of metrical patterns. The result of the process is used by poets to generate consecutive rhythmic phrases (cola), and thus to shape artistically the structure of a song.
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