“When the Stars are Glittering with Gold up in the Sky...”. Jewellery Metaphors in Descriptions of the Sky Phenomena in Roman Literature
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astronomical literature

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Piętka, R. (2017). “When the Stars are Glittering with Gold up in the Sky.”. Jewellery Metaphors in Descriptions of the Sky Phenomena in Roman Literature. Symbolae Philologorum Posnaniensium Graecae Et Latinae, 27(3), 275–291. https://doi.org/10.14746/sppgl.2017.XXVII.3.15


The paper traces the use of metaphors and comparisons concerning jewellery in the descriptions of the sky in Roman literature, most of all in poetry. As it is shown in the paper, many of those poetic devices served as a means highlighting the vividness and perfection of the natural sky phenomena. Analysis of jewellery imagery helps also to demonstrate the occurrence of some changes in descriptive conventions and aesthetic attitudes in Roman literature.

PDF (English)


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