Sądy, sędziowie, sykofanci w Acharnejczykach Arystofanesa

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Waldemar Szefliński


Szefliński Waldemar, Sądy, sędziowie i sykofanci w „Acharnejczykach” Arystofanesa (Courts, judges, and sycophants in Aristophanes’ Acharnians).
The article is a voice in the discussion on the reception of Aristophanic comedies. Through a detailed analysis of all the court-related aspects of the Acharnians (lexicon pertaining to legal issues, court accessories, individuals involved in court proceedings as well as court-related onymy), it is argued that the comedy, traditionally viewed as an anti-war text, can also be included into the body of Aristophanes’ comedies that satirize various aspect of the Athenian juridical reality of the 5th century BCE.


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