Twórczość Mariny Cwietajewej w kontekście gender studies

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Agnieszka Hrynyk


This article is an attempt to look at Marina Tsvetaeva’s literary output in the context of gender studies. The following aspects are briefly discussed: a woman as a writer, a womanartist defending her right to create, a woman telling/writing her story, gender performance, contravention of the gender role, and the apocryphal writing strategy. The basic material for the text are: On a Red Steed (1921), The Tsar-Maiden (1922), A Hero of Labour (1925).


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Hrynyk, A. (2018). Twórczość Mariny Cwietajewej w kontekście gender studies. Studia Rossica Posnaniensia, (37), 79-86. Pobrano z