Język „runglijski” i auto-odpowiadacz: środki komizmu w opowiadaniach Jurija Drużnikowa
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Niefagina, G. (2018). Język „runglijski” i auto-odpowiadacz: środki komizmu w opowiadaniach Jurija Drużnikowa. Studia Rossica Posnaniensia, (37), 207–218. Pobrano z https://pressto.amu.edu.pl/index.php/strp/article/view/12733


Yuri Druzhnikov belongs to the ironic-realistic trend in the prose of the 20th–21st century. An analysis of the stories in the book There is to You Not Here! allows one to draw a conclusion that the basic comic means are: at a composition level – the story construction (by using the joke principle), presenting a situation as an actual event and its addition or specification at the level of style – metaphor or phraseological unit, specification, a concrete definition of citations, popular expressions, and at the language level – a mixture of different languages – Runglish.

PDF (Русский)

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