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Cristina Petrescu


My intervention focuses on Aviezer Tucker’s assessment of legacies of totalitarianism in the educational system. Tucker singles out a major dilemma of post-totalitarian universities: to fundamentally restructure in order to become autonomous or to simulate change while preserving state support. He contendsthat the Bologna system meant the transformation of universities into state-managed corporations that lowered standards and introduced various mechanisms of measuring performance. Thus, Tucker convincingly argues, the unwanted result of including the former communist coun-tries in the European Union was the return to a familiar model of simulated change in the field of education.


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Cristina Petrescu, C. P. (2019). SIMULATED CHANGE: TOTALITARIANISM AND WHAT COMES NEXT. Porównania, 24(1), 263-267.
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Cristina Petrescu, Universitatea din București

Cristina Petrescu – prof. historii nowożytnej, pracuje na Wydziale Politologii Uniwersytetu w Bukareszcie.Jest autorką książki: From Robin Hood to Don Quixote: Resistance and Dissent in Communist Romania (Bukareszt: Editura Enciclopedică, 2013) oraz licznych artykułów publikowanych w USA, Wielkiej Brytanii, Hiszpanii, Niemczech, Polsce i na Węgrzech. Jest wykonawcą w projekcie finansowanym przez EU: Horizon 2020 COURAGE – Cultural Opposition: Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries, 2016-2019.


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