Intermediality in Macedonian theatre

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Катерина Петровска-Кузманова


In the text  Intermediality in Macedonian theatre, which uses the play  Macedonian bloody wedding  by  Vojdan  Chernodrinski,  directed  by  Ljupco  Gorgievski,  as  an  example,  an attempt  is  made  at  representing  intermediality  in  theatrical  performance.  It  is  achieved through  a  ready-made  technique  in  which  a  significant  role  is  played  by  the  music  group Foltin and their performance. They use various props, which they turn into their instruments. This  leads  to  their  actualization  through  dedication  to  their  essence.  In  this  way,  the  old forms  and  elements  of  the traditional folk  culture  cross  the  bounds  of  time,  reading  the folklore signs in the style of the postmodern scene expressions.


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Петровска-Кузманова, К. (2012). Intermediality in Macedonian theatre. Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, (2), 251–260.


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