Review process

Articles submitted for publication in “Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne” (“Poznan Slavic Studies”) are reviewed in the following way:

  1. Editorial review - the paper is read by the thematic editor of the issue, the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief and a selected member of the Scientific Council. After a positive assessment by the editor, the paper is submitted for external review.
  2. The editor reserves the right to reject papers and shorten texts that do not meet the editorial requirements included in the author guidelines.
  3. In order to evaluate each article, the editorial board shall appoint two independent reviewers from outside the editorial board, the entity issuing the journal, and also from outside the author's academic centre. The articles are addressed to high-class specialists in the given field who know the language of publication. We ask reviewers to provide their evaluation within three weeks.
  4. For texts by foreign authors, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution outside the country in which the author is affiliated.
  5. The Journal's Editorial Board makes sure the review procedure is free from any kind of conflict of interest.
  6. Two negative reviews result in the rejection of the article.
  7. In case of conflicting opinions of reviewers, the article may be referred to a third reviewer or to a member of the Scientific Council (together with both reviews). The decision to publish or reject an article may also be taken by the editor-in-chief after consultation with the thematic editor, the deputy editor or without further consultation.
  8. The review is presented in written form and clearly states whether the paper should be sent to print without any changes, printed after corrections or rejected. It is communicated to the editorial board (in its entirety and kept confidential) and provided to the author (the part intended for the author).
  9. Most often, the author is asked to return the corrected text within three weeks of receiving the review that calls for changes to be made.

The rules of reviewing articles submitted for publication in “Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne”  are consistent with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ethical rules and good practices.

The reviewing of texts takes place in accordance with the double-blind review process, recommended by the Ministry, allowing to maintain the anonymity of the author and the reviewer.

Review articles are also submit for review.

Review forms available for download: polskiEnglish, českýhrvatskicрпскибългарскимакедонскирусскийукраїнськaFormularz recenzji artykułu recenzyjnego (review form).


The list of reviewers is published at the end of each calendar year.


By sending an article to the editorial board of Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne, the Author agrees to the review process adopted in the journal, as well as with the rules of professional conduct


By sending an article for publication, the author also declares that the work is original and that he or she has unlimited copyright (personal and economic) to the work submitted for publication (this also applies to appendixes: illustrations, charts, etc.), which are then transferred to “Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne”.

In case of co-authorship, it is necessary to send a statement on the percentage share of individual authors. The statement can be downloaded from the journal's website.