Purpose and thematic scope of the journal

The objective of “Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne” (“Poznan Slavic Studies”) is to publish research results related to Slavonic and Balkan studies in the broadest sense, addressed to all the Polish and foreign experts and admirers of the Slavonic and Balkan cultures. The journal publishes papers on philology (literature and language), folklore, anthropology, culture, historiography, religion and sociology that present multifaceted, interdisciplinary and often comparative approaches and deal with various issues of the Slavonic heritage.

Each issue of the journal is devoted to a different subject matter and run by a different thematic editor. Main themes of each issue aim to answer current challenges of humanities. The journal's leading discipline is literature studies, but monographic issues also embrace linguistics, culture, history, art history, religion or sociology. Therefore, we present intercultural and interdisciplinary research, representing various methodologies and research perspectives. The share of texts going beyond literary studies varies depending on the leading theme of a given issue. For example: issue no. 3 Spell, invocation, counterspell. Magical power of words in slavic folklore) is devoted to anthropology and folklore studies, issue no. 10 (Relation State – Church in history and culture) is dominated by a historical and cultural perspective, and issue no. 13 (Form and function in Slavic languages and texts of culture) is interdisciplinary in nature. It includes theoretical and historical literary considerations, translation, linguistics, art history (painting, film, architecture).

Papers that do not strictly match the monographic theme of a given issue but are somehow related to it are published in the section entitled Wokół tematu (Around the theme). Papers that go beyond the subject matter of the issue, but touch upon issues important for Slavonic studies and are worthy of publication, can be found in the section entitledPoza tematem (Beyond the theme). We also include review articles and polemics, which do not have to be in line with the main theme of the issue. However, the main part of the journal is devoted to the main theme of each issue.

The journal strives to expand the space for dialogue between cultures and contributes to deepening scientific reflection on literature, languages and history, as well anthropological and aesthetic categories that define the Slavic culture of the past and present. It inspires discussion and polemics that help redefine the objectives and directions of the development of Slavic studies, that now more than ever before take into account the cultural perspective, and that need to answer many questions arising from the constantly changing reality of the Slavic world.



Since its creation in 2011, “Poznańskie Studia Slawistyczne” (“Poznań Slavic Studies”) have been a half-yearly thematic journal.


Issue 1 Kontynuacja czy odrzucenie? Tradycje romantyczne we współczesnych literaturach słowiańskich (Continuation or rejection? Romantic traditions in contemporary Slavic literature)

Issue 2 Intersemiotics

Issue 3 Spell, invocation, counterspell. Magical power of words in slavic folklore

Issue 4 Magical power of words in slavic languages, literatures and cultures

Issue 5 Divinity of power in slavic kultures and languages. About the multidimensionality of a universal idea

Issue 6 Dissidents, contestants, the culture of resistance and the present

Issue 7 Antun Gustav Matoš

Issue 8 Slavic mikronations and microlanguages

Issue 9 The Emotive Aspect of the Language in the Slavic Public Discourse

Issue 10 Relation State – Church in history and culture

Issue 11 Gender Theories and Practices in Slavic Texts of Culture. Inspirations – Innovations – Interpretations 

Issue 12 The reception Of literary and artistic WORKS about the holocaust

Issue 13 Form and function in Slavic languages and texts of culture

Issue 14 Habent sua fata libelli

Issue 15 The Slavic Enlightenment – its specific and typical character

Issue 16 Between amnesia and anamnesis. Individual historical memory with regard to dominating narratives

Issue 17 Art and democracy



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