Mury Ceuty i Melilli. Od wykluczenia do autoseparacji

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Ceuta i Melilla


The article discusses the phenomenon of border fences erected in the 1990s in Ceuta and Melilla. The fences are understood as objects which have a specific agency and whose existence raises a number of activities in the political sphere, as well as having a strong impact on the symbolic sphere. On the one hand, as a consequence of the material existence of fences, there are nume-rous decisions made that influence practical legal solutions concerning immigrants. Immigrants themselves are also forced to take actions and decisions they would not do without the physical presence of the fence. On the other hand, recordings and photos of people who try to cross it serve as the visual message contributing to the creation of a simplified and negative image of immigrants in Europe. Furthermore, fences constitute a material representation of a new spatial paradigm existing in the world, which consists in exclusion and strengthens the binary opposition between a “worse” and “better world”.


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