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Nr 3 (2015)

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The Integration of China into the World Trade System and the Increase in its Role in International Business PDF (English)
Zdzisław W. Puślecki 7-19
The difference in under-expenditure of the social welfare budget in Korea PDF (English)
Young Lee 21-39
The migration policy of Switzerland PDF (English)
Magdalena Perkowska 41-54
Labour market flexibility v. job security – a comparative analysis of Swiss and Po- lish labour law regulations on fixed-term employment contracts PDF (English)
Agata Ludera-Ruszel 55-63
Counterterrorism Systems of Spain and Poland: Comparative Studies PDF (English)
Aleksandra Zięba 65-78
Transformation of the Countries of Cen- tral and Eastern Europe – an Attempt at Comparing Croatia and Slovenia PDF (English)
Natasza Lubik-Reczek 79-92
Microstate and monarchy in the face of the challenges of the modern world. The political system of Liechtenstein and its specificity (an outline of the problem)1 PDF (English)
Marcin Łukaszewski 93-102
Kultura i polityka zagraniczna PDF (English)
Enrique Banús 103-118
On any topic? Topics of publications of investigative journalism and journalistic intervention in the local press (on the examples of Poland and the USA) PDF (English)
Wojciech Adamczyk 119-137
“The Monument of Wojtek the Bear” or Polish Projects to Commemorate Animals Involved in World War II PDF (English)
Magdalena Lorenc 139-151
Between International Relations and Arms Controls: Understanding Export Controls for Surveillance Technologies1 PDF (English)
Ben Wagner, Joanna Bronowicka 153-165
EU energy security in the context of The Russian Federation’s change in energy strategy: the geopolitical aspect PDF (English)
Nazarii Chornii 167-175


A Big Prince in His Tiny Realm. Effectiveness of political system of Principality of Liechtenstein - Interview with His Serene Highness Prince Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein1 PDF (English)
Marcin Łukaszewski 177-183
Noty o autorach PDF (English)
. . 185-189

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