Zur Kommunikationsleistung des Fremdsprachenlerners

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Marian Szczodrowski


The structures of a foreign language, presented by a teacher-sender, are received by
a learner as specific signals that are subject to phonetic-phonological and graphic-graphemic decoding. They are accordingly transferred to the foreign-language center, in which semanticgrammatical decoding is performed. Individual structures acquired in this fashion constitute constructive elements of the storage mechanism for learning language in the form of constant structure-matrices. In the process of the receptive-productive dynamization of the language’s structures, the learner simultaneously masters their effectiveness and potential, which make it possible to apply the codified information to current situations. Autonomous forms of learning a foreign language lead to an increase in the reserves of vocabulary and to its more effective application. Independent manipulation of a foreign language in emergent situations means that the learner develops the ability to use it in contacts with communicative partners.


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Szczodrowski, M. (2018). Zur Kommunikationsleistung des Fremdsprachenlerners. Glottodidactica. An International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 45(1), 147 - 157. https://doi.org/10.14746/gl.2018.45.1.10


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