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Nr 2 (2016)

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Political sciences: a discipline of the social sciences or the humanities? PDF (English)
Tadeusz Wallas 5-18
Distortions of electoral law in the elections to the Polish Sejm and Senate PDF (English)
Andrzej Stelmach 19-32
The influence of ICT on modern democracy. Selected dilemmas of electronic democracy PDF (English)
Magdalena Musiał-Karg 33-48
Normative media theories: the media in the new democracies PDF (English)
Dorota Piontek 49-62
European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation as an element invigorating integration processes at the local and regional levels in the European Union PDF (English)
Jarosław Jańczak 63-74
Poland towards the migration crisis of 2015–2016 PDF (English)
Anna Potyrała 75-88
Germany’s attitude towards the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine PDF (English)
Bogdan Koszel 89-104
Present and potential factors destabilizing Central Asia as a challenge to the European Union PDF (English)
Radosław Fiedler 105-114
Ideological Determinants of the Current Saudi-Iranian Rivalry in the Middle East PDF (English)
Przemysław Osiewicz 115-126
Reasons behind the success of the “Islamic State” PDF (English)
Sebastian Wojciechowski 127-136
The problem of mounting income inequalities in the world vis-a-vis the phenomenon of harmful tax competition. The ICIJ tracking down the greatest financial scandals of the 21st century PDF (English)
Maciej Walkowski 137-154


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