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Film Production as Culture. On Writings by Edward Zajiček

Marek Hendrykowski



Marek Hendrykowski’s paper is devoted to the unique volume and its outstanding author. The book entitled “Beyond the Screen. Polish Cinematography 1896-2005” written by Edward Zajiček, Professor of Film School in Łódź, is the standard work in the field, unquestionably the most comprehensive and complete book on the history of Polish film production as a specific form of state and individual activity. This newly revised and expanded up-to-date monograph covering every important information about Polish film industry is the ideal introduction to everything the interested reader needs to know about it: from the fundamentals of film production to close-reading analyses of hundreds of classic examples.


Edward Zajiček; film production in Poland; Polish cinematography in socialist-state system

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E. Zajiček, Film polski. Ekonomika i organizacja produkcji, PWN, Warszawa 1983.

E. Zajiček, Poza ekranem. Kinematografia polska 1918–1991, Filmoteka Narodowa, WAiF, Warszawa 1992.

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D. Lees, S. Berkowitz, Te Movie Business. A Primer, Vintage Books, New York 1978 (i następne wydania).

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