Historia bez pointy

Słowa kluczowe

documentary film
unmade project
deaf people

Jak cytować

Górska, M. (2009). Historia bez pointy. Images. The International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication, 7(13-14), 322–325. https://doi.org/10.14746/i.2009.13.14.25


The Story With No Punchline

“To dance the silence” reveals the story of a documentary which could have been produced but it never was. The film was intended to present the world of silence trough three different characters working together on
a dancing project – Caroline, Ann and Katherine. Caroline, 15, at that time, is outstanding ballet dancer. The dreams of her coach, Anna, is to train her so well so the girl will join the National Dance Theatre. But Caroline does not dream. For her – the future does not exist. As for the others who share her fate – the deaf people – who due to their deafness are deprived of abstract thinking. Catherine who is the costume designer of the dancing show “Other Worlds” has no such problem – even though she is deaf, she has learned how to speak and hear with the help of an hearing aid. She is a successful business woman with happy family. The idea of the film – and the article – was to explore Wittgenstein’s words “The borders of my language are the borders of my world”.