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Vol 22, Nr 1 (2015)

Balcanica Posnaniensia. Acta et studia

Ius Vallachicum, ed. by Ilona Czamańska and Marius Diaconescu

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Introduction PDF (English)
Ilona Czamańska, Marius Diaconescu 5
The Vlachs – several research problems PDF (English)
Ilona Czamańska 7-16
Census Valachorum in mid-16th century upper Hungary PDF (English)
Marius Diaconescu 17-28
Zakon vlahom (Ius Valachicum) in the charters issued to Serbian medieval monasteries and kanuns regarding Vlachs in the early ottoman tax registers (defters) PDF (English)
Miloš Luković 29-47
Ethnic aspects of settlement in Ius Valachicum in medieval Poland (from the 14th to the beginning of the 16th century. PDF (English)
Grzegorz Jawor 47-57
Considerations regarding the Morlachs migrations from Dalmatia to Istria and the Venetian settlement policy during the 16th century PDF (English)
Dana Caciur 57-71
From Ius Valachicum to the vlach folkloric influences within central Europe PDF (English)
Armand Guta 71-81
Medieval name and ethnicity: Serbs and Vlachs PDF (English)
Ştefan Stareţu 81-99
The Aromanian-Romanian national movement (1859-1905): an analytical model PDF (English)
Vladimir Creţulescu 99-121
Vlachs’ identity and the challenges of World War II PDF (English)
Ionuţ Nistor 121-137
Heritage without heirs? Tangible and religious cultural heritage of the Vlach minority in Europe in the context of an interdisciplinary research project (contribution to the subject) PDF (English)
Ewa Kocój 137-151
Invented tradition and the new regionalism. The revival of pastoralism in Ochotnica Górna (Polish Carpathian village) PDF (English)
Ewa Nowicka 151-165
Religious vocabulary in Aromanian compared to Romanian PDF (English)
Tomasz Klimkowski 165-175

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