Praca nad rolą - Ryszard III*

Słowa kluczowe

stage role
William Shakespeare

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KAŁUŻYŃSKI, M. (2016). Praca nad rolą - Ryszard III*. Images. The International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication, 19(28), 211–230.


Working on the role –Richard III 

The author describes the contexts for working on the title role of Shakespeares Richard III. He points to specific stages in working on the role: familiarising oneself with the original text and associated literature (research), creating the character (concealing intentions, plans and emotions from other characters in the play, the characters internal struggle, perceiving psychological truths); developing
relationships with the director and other actors; the use of scenography, costumes, lighting and music to create characters for the stage, considering the meaning of translation and rapport with the audience.


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