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Nr 3 (2014)

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Multi-cultural Switzerland – multicultural public service media? PDF (English)
Magdalena Ratajczak 7-18
Szwajcarski model federalizmu. Wnioski dla Unii Europejskiej PDF
Agnieszka Nitszke 19-31
Citizens’ initiatives in Switzerland PDF (English)
Marcin Rachwał 33-43
The decision-making process in Swiss foreign policy at the beginning of the 21st century PDF (English)
Michał Tomczyk 45-57
Free movement of persons between Switzerland and the European Union and state security PDF (English)
Izabela Kraśnicka, Magdalena Perkowska, Iwona Wrońska 59-75
Evolution of the constitutional position of selected German-speaking countries’ heads of state in the 20th/21st century PDF (English)
Marcin Łukaszewski 77-93
The specificity of the electoral system to the European Parliament in the Republic of Austria PDF (English)
Kamila M. Bezubik, Artur Olechno 95-106
The protection of internal security and constitutional order as exemplified by the tasks and activity of the Internal Security Agency – a critical analysis of de lege lata and de lege ferenda regulations PDF (English)
Remigiusz Rosicki 107-118
The dilemmas of the Eastern Policy of the Republic of Poland. From dynamic equilibrium to imbalance PDF (English)
Karol B. Janowski 119-134
The image of Europe in the modern media. The analysis of Ukrainian weekly Zerkalo nedeli PDF (English)
Alisa Nechyporuk 135-147
The role of the discourse of intellectuals in foreign opinion journalism in communicative evolution PDF (English)
Bogdana Nosova 149-161
The right to revolt: the European and Russian contexts PDF (English)
Aleksander Skiperskikh 163-170
The politics of language and education in Georgia (compared with the Baltic States and Ukraine) PDF (English)
Salome Dundua 171-183
Transition toward democracy – Georgian problems PDF (English)
Lasha Markozashvili 185-202

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