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Vol 7 (2017)

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The European Union and Fundamental Rights/Human Rights: Vanguard or Villain? PDF (English)
Allan Rosas 7-24
The Principle of Self-Determination in the Context of Human Rights PDF (English)
Tadeusz Gadkowski 25-36
On the Judicialisation of International Law PDF (English)
Adam Wiśniewski 37-53
Individual Communications Against Poland Before the Human Rights Committee: a Review and Tentative Conclusions PDF (English)
Katarzyna Łasak 55-78
The Binding Force of International Legal Standards in the Face of the Recurrent Practice of Soft Law PDF (English)
Diallo Boubacar Sidi 79-91
Soft Law in International Governance PDF (English)
Paweł Kwiatkowski 93-103
Linguistic Human Rights in Education PDF (English)
Łukasz Szoszkiewicz 105-118
Cultural Identity in the Case-Law of the Human Rights Committee PDF (English)
Sylwia Stryjkowska 119-139
Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe: the Need for a Better Protection PDF (English)
Aneta Tyc 141-157
Social Guarantees in the Case of Employees’ Dismissal in Russia Comparative Legal Aspects of Russian and Foreign Labor Law PDF (English)
Alexander Zavgorodniy 159-173
The Development of the Russian Legal System after the “Accession” of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation PDF (English)
Natalia Cwicinskaja 175-197
The Tax Avoidance Clause: Do We Want it, Do We Need it? PDF (English)
Tomasz Nieborak 199-211
Corporate Consistency and the Regulations of the Corporate Governance System PDF (English)
Ryszard Kamiński, Michał Flieger 213-234
Sector Inquiry into Cross-Border E-Commerce: Challenges and Practical Implications for European Union Completion Law PDF (English)
Artur Szmigielski 235-248
Enhanced Cooperation and Free Movement. Territorial Aspects of ‘Harmonisation’ PDF (English)
Miłosz Malaga, Anna Wilińska-Zelek 249-267
Controversies Concerning the Interpretation of State Resources as a Prerequisite of State Aid: an Illustration Using the Example of Polish Green Certificates and the Auction System PDF (English)
Michał Bałdowski 269-282
The Principle of Proportionality in European Union Law as a Prerequisite for Penalization PDF (English)
Joanna Długosz 283-300
The Conditions and Procedure for the Admission of Children of Incarcerated Mothers to Mother-and-Baby Units at Prisons in Poland PDF (English)
Magdalena Teleszewska 301-310
The Dominant Position of Regional Facilities for the Processing of Municipal Waste PDF (English)
Jędrzej Bujny, Tymoteusz Mądry 311-323
Why Legal Reasoning has to be Unique PDF (English)
Maciej Koszowski 325-342

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