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Vol 2 (2013)

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The problem of “legal bigamy” in the light of the rulings of the District Court in Poznan PDF
Szymon Paciorkowski 15-28
Agreement on the use of land for the construction and operation of renewable energy installations – selected legal aspects PDF
Jakub Jóźwiak 29-41
The legal nature and substantive consequences of the records in section ‘IIdentification of real estate’ in the mortgage register PDF
Ivo Kucharczuk 43-56
The doctrine of civil law and the ruling concepts on the notion of medical malpractice PDF
Michał Białkowski 57-70
Postmortem conception of a dead husband’s semen as a particular example of medically assisted procreation PDF
Michał Marszelewski 71-81
Article 162 of the Polish Civil Procedure Code – application, functions and its role in the civil process PDF
Sławomir Marciniak 83-95
The adversarial principle, the evolution and current shape of civil procedure – outline of subject matter PDF
Sławomir Marciniak 97-111
Procedural aspects of a settlement reached before the court in the course of proceedings PDF
Diana Ilków 113-129
Appending the enforcement clause of the redress of damage stated in the Article 72 § 2 of the Code of Criminal law PDF
Łukasz Pilarczyk 131-141
Complaint from art. 189 of The Code of Civil Procedure in the event of defective resolutions of a supervisory board of a company PDF
Paweł Jaros 143-156
Legal framework of transplantations in European Union legislation PDF
Hanna Urbah-Dechnik 157-166
Essential facilities doctrine in European Union Law PDF
Marta Zalewska 167-183
State Immunity or State Impunity? Human Rights and State Immunity Revisited in the ICJ’s Judgment on the Case of the Jurisdictional Immunities of a State PDF
Olga Gerlich 185-194
Can mouse clicking be seen as involvement in armed conflict?  Some notes on the direct participation in hostilities in cyberspace PDF
Tomasz Lewandowski 195-204
Human Rights and the role of courts in Thailand PDF
Choocheewan Tamisanont 205-214
Legal regulation of the principle of transparency in the budgetary process of the Republic of Poland PDF
Semen Yankevich 215-226
French constitutionalism. The experience of the Third Republic PDF
Sergey Bochkarev 227-234
State sovereignty versus nation sovereignty PDF PDF (English)
Remigiusz Chęciński, Alexandre Departout, Tymoteusz Mądry 235-245
The freedom of navigation on international rivers. The Oder case before the Permanent Court of International Justice PDF
Andrzej Gadkowski 247-265
French culinary recipes. Does the legal framework for intellectual property provide their protection? PDF
Thimothée Fringans 267-277

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