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Vol 15, No 24 (2014)

21st-century Documentary Film in East and Central Europe

Table of Contents

Inside Job. First-person Documentary in Trauma Cinema: "Balkan Champion" (2006) PDF
Lorant Stőhr 5-18
Nostalgia and Archival Footage in Contemporary Hungarian Documentary (Gábor Zsigmond Papp: "The Life of an Agent") PDF
Terez Vincze 19-26
Metaphor, Metonymy and Metalepsis: Three Tropes in Contemporary Slovak Documentary PDF
Maria Ferencuhova 27-40
Filmmakers to Themselves? Czech Documentary Cinema After 2000 PDF
Lucie Česálková 41-50
Who Will Watch the Watchmen? Czech Documentary After 1989 (a Brief Resume) PDF
Pavel Bednařík 51-60
Between Documentary and Fiction: Authenticity and Voyeurism in the Cinema of Ulrich Seidl PDF (Polish)
Anna Granatowska 61-70
On the Edge PDF (Polish)
Volha Dashuk 71-76
Man, History and Poetry. Dominant Tendencies in Lithuanian 21st-Century Documentary Films PDF (Polish)
Anna Mikonis-Railiene 77-90
The Film Document as a Testimony of the Present: A Sceptic at the Confessional PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 91-98
"The Story of the Kowalski Family" and Quarter L. Memory Messages on the Screen PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Szpulak 99-106
The Past and Memory in "Archive of Lives": Justyna Łuczaj-Salefs Impressionist Historical Documentary PDF (Polish)
Justyna Czaja 107-112
Self-reflexiveness in Photo-film Form as Illustrated by Zbigniew Czapla’s "Paper Box" PDF (Polish)
Justyna Sulejewska 113-118
"Night with the General" - a Democratic Documentary PDF (Polish)
Michał Piepiórka 119-128
"Without One Tree, a Forest Will Stay a Forest" by Dagmara Drzazga As a Religious and Historical Documentary PDF (Polish)
Katarzyna Citko 129-136
Grand Theatre, Oratory and Anthropology in the Documentaries of Andrzej Fidyk PDF (Polish)
Bogumiła Fiołek-Lubczyńska 137-144
"Declaration of Immortality" – Inspirations Derived from Creative Documentaries by Wojciech Wiszniewski PDF (Polish)
Urszula Tes 145-154
Affirmation, Acceptance and Rejection: Polish Contemporary Documentary Filmmakers and their Relation to Poland’s Documentary Film Tradition PDF (Polish)
Katarzyna Mąka-Malatytńska 155-164
Satisfaction or Hard Labour? Portrait of a Ballet School in 52 Percent by Rafał Skalski PDF (Polish)
Anna Śliwińska 165-170

Student films

Two People With a Wardrobe in a Genological Perspective PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 171-180
Polish province - sincere gaze PDF (Polish)
Marek Szponik 181-184
Universalism in the documentary "To Fly - Not To Fly, directed by Aniela Gabryel PDF (Polish)
Joanna Sikorska 185-194

Filmmaker workshop

The ideological and artistic concept of cinematography for the movie "There and Back". Author description PDF (Polish)
Piotr Wojtowicz 195-206
Autobiographical documentary. The author's exploration of the film "Self (less) -Portrait" PDF (Polish)
Matej Bobrik 207-230
15 Minutes: Belarus! PDF (Polish)
Aleh Dashkevich, Volha Dashuk, Beata Dzianowicz, Jolanta Kilian, Iryna Volakh, Jan Zamojski 231-148

Author Gallery

Ukraine 2009–2014 PDF (Polish)
Bartłomiej Talaga, Wojciech Zwoliński 249-269


Films that Gave Us Boldness: East European Documentaries Screened in Poland (1987-1993) as Refl ected in the Film Press of the Time PDF (Polish)
Jadwiga Hučková 270-276
The Relationship Between Form and Content in Early Grzegorz Królikiewicz Documentaries PDF (Polish)
Denis Viren 277-280
A part instead of a whole or a way for censors. "Primary School" by Tomasz Zygadlo - a model movie of the "new change" cinema PDF (Polish)
Mikołaj Jazdon 281-286
"I've remembered Mietek like that" Władysław Ślesicki. "The Rafts Sail" (1962) PDF (Polish)
Piotr Pławuszewski 287-294
With Shakespeare in the background. Eric Rohker's "A Tale of Winter" PDF (Polish)
Tomasz Kowalski 295-301
Authorship of an audiovisual work - substance and structure PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 302-308

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