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Vol 11, Nr 1 (2017)

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Supporting Students in the Classroom: Training Paraprofessionals to Teach Self- Advocacy and Self-Determination Skills PDF (English)
Courteney Mayumi Tse, Melinda R. Pierson 7-22
Career: a systematisation of perspectives and theoretical premises PDF (English)
Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska 23-36
Career in the narratives of early adolescents PDF (English)
Magdalena Piorunek 37-49
Football hooliganism in the countries of the Visegrád Group: cooperation and confrontation PDF (English)
Josef Smolík 51-66
The conflict of values in the context of acceptance of multiculturalism PDF (English)
Hanna Mamzer 67-83
On the new culture of time, child-rearing and acceleration civilisation PDF (English)
Katarzyna Segiet 85-96
Culture in its holistic and differential aspect, in anthropology and educational studies PDF (English)
Jarema Drozdowicz 97-118
Thoughts on the higher education system in Poland. Changes – issues – evaluation. Part 1 PDF (English)
Małgorzata Grzywacz, Grażyna Miłkowska, Magdalena Piorunek, Lech Sałaciński 119-137
Tutor, teacher, educator in a culturally diverse space of modern education PDF (English)
Anna Młynarczuk-Sokołowska 139-152
Education as an element of integration policy – comparative analysis PDF (English)
Katarzyna Woźniak 153-165
The Teacher and Teaching Polish as a Second Language in the Contemporary Educational Reality PDF (English)
Przemysław E. Gębal 167-184
Experiences in the integration of children and young people of Polish descent in Germany. Empirical contributions PDF (English)
Magda Kalkowska 185-209
Adaptational difficulties of Polish economic emigrants in the context of globalisation processes PDF (English)
Joanna Kozielska 211-228
Information Literacy As Fetishized Theoretical Category – An Example of Pro-ana Youth Blogs PDF (English)
Piotr Siuda 229-253
The Significance of Career for Individuals PDF (English)
Lucyna Myszka-Strychalska 255-273
Popular Culture as an Inspiration for New Professions PDF (English)
Izabella Kust 275-288
The Role of the Media in the Process of Shaping the Skills and Attitudes of Lower Secondary School Students PDF (English)
Joanna Michalak-Dawidziuk 289-307
The phenomenon of globalisation as the greatest modern megatrend PDF (English)
Marta Jarantowska 309-320

Polemiki i recenzje

Scientific review of the book Intergenerational relations of youth with their parents. Selected educational contexts (Międzypokoleniowe relacje młodzieży z rodzicami. Wybrane konteksty edukacyjne) scientific ed. Ewa Karmolińska- Jagodzik, Publisher – King Stanisław Leszczynski College of Humanities in Leszno, Leszno 2016 PDF (English)
Marlena Kaźmierska 323-329
Joanna Mizielińska, Justyna Struzik, Agnieszka Król, Różnym głosem. Rodziny z wyboru w Polsce, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN SA, Warsaw 2017, 378 pages. PDF (English)
Marta Dziarnowska 329-331


Report on the International Scientific Conference “Challenges in a Child’s Educational Space” Poznan, 18 January 2017 PDF (English)
Marek Banaszak 335-339
Report on the all-Polish Scientific Conference entitled Family in pedagogical theory and practice. On the 20th anniversary of establishing the Department of Pedagogy of Family at the Institute of Pedagogy, KUL (Rodzina w teorii i praktyce pedagogicznej. W 20. rocznicę utworzenia Katedry Pedagogiki Rodziny w Instytucie Pedagogiki KUL) PDF (English)
Danuta Opozda 340-341
Report on the Scientific Seminar of Doctoral Students of WSE UAM A pedagogue in contemporary socio–cultural and educational challenges’ space (Pedagog w przestrzeni współczesnych wyzwań społeczno-kulturowych i edukacyjnych) Poznan, 16 December 2016 PDF (English)
Beata Iwanicka 341-346
Report from the Second National Scientific Conference from the Series “Child: A Digital Native At School. Problems And Challenges” Entitled “Teacher In The Digital World.” University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, 7 and 8 April 2017. PDF (English)
Joanna Dziekońska 346-349

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