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Vol 12, No 21 (2013)

Cinema and City Life

Table of Contents

The Human Scale PDF (Polish)
Jadwiga Huckova 5-16
Woody Allen's Manhattan. Poetics of the Introduction PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 17-31
Dark memories in the provincial words of Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander and Federico Fellini's Amarcord PDF
Anders Marklund 33-42
A City in Lailonia. Remarks from a screenwriter PDF (Polish)
Jan Zamojski 43-63
The City in Perpetual Motion. Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis (1927) by Walter Ruttman PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Hendrykowska 65-76
The Annihilation of a City. Warsaw in Roman Polanski's The Pianist PDF (Polish)
Mikołaj Jazdon 77-95
Exciting Prague Leporello. Prague, the Restless Heart of Europe (1984), a film by Vera Chytilova PDF (Polish)
Tomas Hucko 97-106
The City According to Mike Leigh PDF
Anna Śliwińska 107-113
Madrid on film and in painting. About Goya’s Ghosts by Milos Forman PDF (Polish)
Krzysztof Kozłowski 115-126
Celeberrimae urbes - celebres praedicatores. O medialnym znaczeniu mnichów żebrzących w średniowiecznym mieście PDF (Polish)
Anna Igielska 127-138
“The World from Dawn til Dask”. Contemporary Images of the City in the Documentary Projects of Maciej Drygas and Mirosław Dembiński PDF (Polish)
Katarzyna Mąka-Malatyńska 139-149
The City and its hidden dimension in art PDF (Polish)
Remigiusz Koniecko 151-172
Underwater, cosmic, spiritual. Russian cities in Scandinavian documentaries PDF (Polish)
Anna Estera Mrozewicz 173-192
At Warsaw: imaginations and reality. Documentary stories about the capital, its residents and newcomers called “provincial jars” PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Smoleń 193-205
Genre and aesthetic analysis of The Jetty by Chris Marker. Interpretation of the film as a case of “possible cinema” PDF (Polish)
Adam Domalewski 207-217
Warsaw - a city that does not exist PDF (Polish)
Justyna Czaja 219-225
Cinematic City Łódź through eyes of the Film School. Students and Professors PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 227-241
Between high culture and popular culture. The music of George Gershwin in Manhattan by Woody Allen PDF (Polish)
Piotr Pomostowski 243-255
Eat or Be Eaten. The City of Macunaíma PDF (Polish)
Patrycja Rojek 257-264
Moscow in black and white - three film portraits of the city PDF (Polish)
Justyna Czaja 265-273
Photographic enclave. New York City and its inhabitants through camera lens PDF (Polish)
Justyna Sulejewska 275-282
The memory of the city and demand for authenticity on the example of film The Lives of Others PDF (Polish)
Magdalena Dobkiewicz 283-289
Big city life in the Second Commonwealth of Poland in Polish interwar feature films. An Introduction PDF (Polish)
Wojciech Otto 291-305
The Colour of Urban Areas in David Fincher’s Seven PDF (Polish)
Małgorzata Choczaj 307-316

Filmmaker workshop

Labor in a single shot: a history of 21st-century professional activities through a camera lens PDF (Polish)
Aleksandra Hirszfeld 319-326

Author Gallery

Yassen Hristov - Author Gallery PDF (Polish)
Yassen Hristov 327-332


Reformer and Outstanding Politician or Rake on a Metaphysical Scale. Two Portraits of Tsar Ivan the Terrible in Russian Cinema PDF (Polish)
Andrzej Szpulak 334-341
A History of Polish Film Units from a present-day perspective PDF (Polish)
Marek Hendrykowski 341-351
Ambiguity of Melancholy PDF (Polish)
Monika Proszak, Anna Żymełka 351-354

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